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Quantum360 LLC was formed by group of people who are really passionate about data and data warehouse. We built several ETL/ELT frameworks for clients which would automate the process of data movement. Recently, we have decided to step into IT services sector as well and we made quite a good progress in the last 2 months. As part of our IT services sector, we have developed a strategy where in, we identify 2 interested candidates at a time, train for 2.5 WEEKS, market, place and provide support. If you are interested and meet the below criteria, please reach out to us and we can discuss further. a) Status - GC/GC EAD/L2 EAD/H4 EAD b) MUST be able to relocate for first 1 year c) Should be able to work on salary basis for 1st year If Interested, please send out an email with your contact number to -




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