Summer Workshop: Super Brain Development 2 days Age 6 to 16 years


If you have kid of age 6-16 years then this program is for your kid. This workshop is for unlocking hidden potential of your kid's brain though Mid Brain Activation. It is more than 2000 years old technique developed by Yogis, Saints never known to public and now first time in U.S. See the results to believe, your kid can open up hidden potential of brain in this workshop. Guaranteed Results. Mind Brain is in hibernation in most of the people and play vital role in exchanging communication between left and right brain. Mid brain Activation will help to bring out GENIUS in the CHILD Mental Reading is ability to read or see when the eyes are closed or blind folded. Mid Brain Activation will improve : 1. Memory and Concentration in a child 2. Creativity 3. IQ and Academic Performance 4. Thinking Ability 5. Brain Potential 6. Self Confidence 7. Emotional Health ONCE ACTIVATED THE MID BRAIN REMAIN ACTIVATED THROUGHOUT life and this help them in every aspects of their life. This workshop will amaze you and you will see guaranteed results after workshop. You can give this gift of lifetime as after the mid brain activation, it will impact every side of kid from learning, memory, focus, sports, behavior. Qualified Age : 6 years to 16 years Duration 2 days ( 100% Money Back Guarantee) Dress Code : Simple Cotton help kid in movements, exercise and meditation. Food : should send with light breakfast , should provide simple vegetarian lunch If we fail to delivery result, you will get 100% money back. Start Date is : 31st May and June 1st. in Dallas . What we will do in workshop? Bain Exercise Mid Brain Activity Meditation Blind Fold Activity Call me or mail me for detail.



Phone: (214)208-1841


Dallas, Texas
United States