Word Math For Kids


Word Math Plus has just opened up student enrollment in Plano (at the intersection of Coit & McDermott) for kids in grade 1 to grade 6. We teach analytical math to kids. The conventional education system in schools does not focus enough on word math, but kids truly need them in different tests such as STAAR, COGAT etc. Even though kids are good in math, when it comes to analytical math problems, most of them stumble. If they learn to solve word math from a young age, it'll be much easier for them when they take up tests such as SAT, ACT etc later in their life. We use interactive new age technology to explain word problems to kids in a manner that they understand. It's a method that you have always wanted for your kids and this is the first time ever such methods are available. Check us out at wordmathplus.com and schedule a demo to know details of our program.


Word Math Plus

Phone: (214)425-6462

Website: http://www.wordmathplus.com/


3916 McDermott Road Suite 130
Plano, Texas 75025
United States