We need creative minds that take us in new directions. If you’re passionate about technology and helping customers transform their businesses, consider joining our team. aBIa Inc. offers a dynamic work environment, with offices in USA and India.


To be a front-runner in the rapidly evolving field of information technology and make significant impact in wide arenas of business.


  • Helping businesses to transform small or big data into valuable information and knowledge.
  • Developing and implementing cost effective and time efficient Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions with advanced functionalities.
  • Listen and understand customer business needs and deliver results beyond expectation.
  • Make employees more competitive by providing training in cutting edge technology and professionalism.
  • Earn and retain different stakeholders including customers and employees with respect and recognition.

Core Value

  • Integrity - Act honesty without compromising the truth in daily life.
  • Ownership & Accountability - Take ownership and responsibility of your personal and professional life to ensure success.
  • Passion - Put your heart and mind in anything you do to get the best.
  • Proactive & Innovation - Take initiative. Be creative and share your ideas without hesitation (It may change the world!).
  • Risk Taking - Encourage yourself and others to take calculated risk for a bright future.
  • Accepting Mistakes - Mistake(s) are not bad. Be brave to accept and correct them.
  • Learn - Learn something new every day.
  • Question - Ask questions until you are convinced (There is no such thing as ‘Silly Question’).
  • Quality - Provide the best and unmatched results consistently.
  • Delegation - Share opportunities and empower others to contribute and grow. This will make you stronger and more valuable.
  • Collaboration - Collaborate within and outside the team to create the best.
  • Diversity - Understand and respect the diverse skills and characteristics of yourself and others.
  • Trust - Believe in the ability of yourself and others to deliver results.
  • Appreciate - Be gracious and acknowledge efforts and contributions of others.
  • Work-Life Balance - Plan and maintain healthy life and work balance.
  • Fun - Have fun and celebrate even the small successes in our journey to achieve big


1700 Alma Drive
Suite 320
Plano, Texas 75075
United States

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