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Azhar & Azhar, PLLC is a law firm with several attorneys dedicated to working with a wide range of clients to provide the highest quality of legal services. Our firm’s clients are diverse, as we represent both individuals and companies for their legal needs. Our clients include professional athletes, leading scientists, world renowned authors, as well as hospitals, universities, restaurants, and consultancy groups. Our practice areas are broad, with a strong emphasis on Immigration and Nationality Law.The attorneys at Azhar & Azhar law firm have previously enjoyed success at large law firms and have built a strong reputation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for being honest, hardworking and responsive to their clients’ legal needs.


3010 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (635)
Suite 650
Dallas, Texas 75234
United States

Dallas, TX

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I hired Noaman from Azhar & Azhar law firm located off of hwy 635 in the Club Corp building and have had a great experience. I first went in for a consultation for an AOS case and he was able to walk me through exactly what to do, what to fill out, what I needed to gather, when, etc. He was very straightforward and I decided to hire him on the spot. I've been to numerous consultations with various immigration lawyers throughout DFW (spent a little over $400 in total on these consultations) and have not had an experience like I did with him. He not only knows the laws in and out but is also very detail-oriented and straight forward. Once I hired him, he was very responsive via email. He sent me a list of things I needed to gather before we file. Once I gathered all documents, we sat down together and went over all the forms he filled out for me. Once we were finished reviewing and making any necessary edits, he filed and let us know what to expect next. From biometrics all the way to the AOS interview (which he attended as well), he continuously advised us and kept communicating. Unfortunately, the case was not immediately approved after the interview and we ended up waiting 5 months afterwards. Once, it reached 5 months, Noaman decided that it was taking unnecessarily too long. He opened up a service request and he was able to investigate, find out what was going on, and get the case approved within a couple days. Overall, I would definitely recommend Noaman and his law firm to all my friends, family, relatives, neighbors, etc. They have given me all the advice and guidance I could possibly need. He has answered every question and concern I've had with understanding and tons of patience (I ask way too many questions at times). He charges a more reasonable price than any of the other lawyers I went to. His staff is very helpful and you can usually get a meeting with him within the next day or two. If you don't trust me about his expertise, just listen to him on FM 104.9 at 5:30 PM CST every Wednesday. He gives out immigration advice for free on the radio show and you can clearly tell he knows what he's talking about. You absolutely can not go wrong with him. We received the green card and are now on the way to US citizenship.

April 2015

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