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All Loan Advisors Are NOT Created Equal! Home buyers spend weeks choosing just the right house -- visiting, inspecting, considering and, finally, deciding upon the special one they want. After all, if you're going to live in it for several years, it's important that you find the one that really "fits." You're also going to live for years with the mortgage which finances your house -- yet those specifics rarely receive the same diligent scrutiny. In truth, most borrowers make a couple of contacts with lenders or brokers, compare a few rates, then wind up opting for a loan package that they've been "sold." Hardly the most prudent way to go about deciding the largest aspect of your financial life... but most borrowers don't have much choice. YOU do! Would You Rather Have A Salesman Or A Personal Planner? We specialize in Mortgage Planning... planning that can have a profound impact on your financial health today and, just as importantly, tomorrow. As the biggest single component of your overall financial picture, an improper mortgage could cost you thousands of dollars for years to come. A correctly planned mortgage, on the other hand, can help you secure your loan quicker, breathe easier, build a safer, more secure future for your family... even retire earlier. Based on the information you provide -- your wants and your individual situation -- we will research various loan scenarios that may suit your needs from multiple lenders. We'll perform a comprehensive evaluation of the most appropriate choices and present those to you in a way that makes them easy to understand and accurately compare. We'll review them with you, explain the effects each would have on your financial well-being, and help you make a truly informed, intelligent decision. Then we'll help you secure the loan you choose. We will always represent exclusively YOUR choices and YOUR best interests


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Plano, Texas 75075
United States


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