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Emerging business needs, customer demands, and market forces for technological innovation at each step of your business. At GSL, our passion for technology gives us a rich legacy of being at the forefront of innovation - Globally. We have a talented pool of skilled and knowledgeable experienced consultants, who are technically exceptional. We focus on increasing the value of IT Solution we build for customers. We also provide the level of experience and expertise it takes to effectively assess, design, implement and manage technology and continuously improve our customers IT operations. At GSL, we believe people are our greatest asset like crown jewel, with positive attitude and professional aptitude. When you select GSL, you not only get our experience but also a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in their work and love to be part of our and your success.


1200 Walnut Hill Lane
Suite 1100
Irving, Texas 75038
United States


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Fax: (240)554-2470

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