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An elite award winning Indian Dance Company based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2011 and officially started in 2012, our company is known for its original & rich dance creations. Prior to 2011, our company choreographers have provided freelance choreography ever-since 1999 and have continued to deliver award winning acts in India and in Dallas, Texas. In April 2014, her students performed company's very first "Pushpanjali" (1st Year Bharatnatyam). 2015 and onwards, company started offering Bharatnatyam as full course.

What we teach :

India's Classical Dance Forms : Bharatnatyam-Full Course, Kathak Skits-art works & techniques ONLY.
Folk Dances of India : Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Odhisha, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim and West Bengal.
Other Dance Styles : Bollywood Folk, Traditional Bollywood Dance, Modern Bollywood & Bollywood Hip-Hop are taught at selected locations.
Nepal's Dance Forms : Kumari, Gurkhaa(or spelled as Goorkhaa), Murani(both)and such others.
Workout Batches : Zumba and Bollywood Work-Out Batches Available at selected locations.

Hetal Nagaraj - Artistic Director :

  • Classical Background : Bharatnatyam Training from Ms. D. V. Joshi (Kalaakshetra Phani/Style). Vocational Kathak Courses Lucknow and Jaipur Gharaanaa/Alternately - 97, 98. Advance Bharatnatyam workshop knowledge from Guru.Smt.Rama Vaidyanathan(held by NrithyaDhwani-Dallas 2015), Guru.Smt.Niraliben Thakore and Guru.Shri.Chandanbhai Thakore(Nrithyabharati "Bharatnatyam"-Ahmedabad-India 2015).
  • Non-Classical-Folk Training : Guru.Smt.Minalben Oza(Gujarat Folk Guru-Gandhinagar Late 80s/90s), Guru. Smt. Mallikaben Sarabhai & several other respected teachers at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts(Ahmedabad - 99, 2000, 2015), Navrang and Sri Sharada Kala Mandir(Ahmedabad-99) for pure folk, fusion art forms and theatre plays. She was introduced to non-gujarati folk dances in elementary school years representing various states of India where school/visiting faculties trained students with in-depth knowledge of folk dances and variations associated with it. She has been an avid dancer since then and have performed/competed with various ethnic groups that competed at professional & competitive level in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Past Performances/Competitions/Fundraisers : Group performances aired in Doordarshan Television Channels & received titles as in cash prizes, awards in cultural competitions[1999-2003] held by non-profit organizations such as Ahmedabad-YMCA, Rajpath & Local Lions Rotary Family Clubs located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India. Certificates and credentials from non-profit organizations such as Help-Age-India[1993] and C.R.Y-India[2001] have been awarded in past for maximizing funds through charity shows.
  • Professional Accomplishments until 2015 : A total of 17 Titles have been awarded to her students for Folk, Fusion, Classical, Semi-Classical, Neo-Classical & Traditional Bollywood Categories under her instruction & choreography.
  • Specialization : Traditional Folk Dances, Classical-Bharatnatyam, Modern Folk/Fusions, Traditional Bollywood, Lyrical, Semi-Classical, Neo-Classical Categories.
  • Show Case Art-Works : Hetal Nagaraj have showcased Guru.Smt.Minalben Oza, Guru.Smt.Mallikaben Sarabhai & Smt.Induben Mangrola's conceptual art forms with credit names given to them in various community performances as a tribute.
  • Family Background : Knowledge of performing arts & theatre is being passed through generations in her family and Mrs.Nagaraj is the 4th generation to receive it as a gift and is blessed with a family of two beautiful kids & loving husband Nagaraj Setty. She likes to spend time with her family, friends, loves to read & meditates. She volunteers at temple & kids activities whenever time permits. She continues to perform not only for Grace & Grooves | Grace Creations but also for national level dance team in Dallas-Texas that specializes in folk dances of Gujarat.

Her passion is to provide not only quality dance education but also teach her students to respect culture and its values. Her students take home in-depth knowledge and love for dance/performing arts as life long lessons with well respected awards. She strongly believes that dance and love of rhythms can bring people together.

Ms. Shruti Sheladia :

  • Shruti Sheladia brings her specialization in Classical Bharatnatyam from Abhinaya School Of Bharatnatyam from New Jersey to Grace and Grooves.
  • She has been a very successful performer ever since the age of 6 and has performed in several award winning shows in New Jersey such as Rutgers University NATYA- Indian Classical Dance Team and Rutgers RAGA - Raas and Garba Team. She has also dance for AATMA Performing Arts.
  • She brings an amazing experience of 5 college level titles in classical, modern folk and fusion categories to Grace Creations and these titles are not counted towards the company achievements until now.
  • She specializes in Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, Contemporary, Modern Folk-Fusions, Modern Folks and Lyricals. She likes to spend time with family and friends and has a degree in Computer Science. She teaches at Austin locations-private groups Only.
  • Ms. Mansi Chauhan:

    • Classical Background : Kathak Classical background from Guru.Smt. Akhila Rao (Kathak Rhythms-Dallas, Texas).
    • Non-Classical Background : She brings knowledge of Bollywood and Contemporary arts from Arya International Dance Academy. She is trained in Ballet, Tap and Jazz from Sheena's Dance Academy.
    • Performances : Mansi has been successfully performing ever-since the age of 7 in the events such as India Nite, Vaisakhi Mela, Annual Performances at the Plaza and Granville Arts Center in Garland, Texas.
    • Current Accomplishments : She serves as Vice President of a Non-Profit Dance Organization in her high school that performs in Pep Rallies, Charity Events, and a National Award Winning Drill Team's Spring Show where she keeps up to her knowledge of Hip Hop, Drill Teams, and modern styles of performing arts at a competitive level. She teaches advance students and competitive batches ONLY
    • Specialization : Kathak, Fusion, Traditional/Modern/Contemporary Bollywood, Bollywood Folk, Hiphop, Basic Ballet, Tap and Jazz.
    • She likes to sing, read and plays guitar.


2010 Market Place Blvd
Irving, Texas 75063
United States

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