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As some people think american Immigration System is not completely Broken. It is a honor system where they expect you to play by rules. When you sign or say some thing TRUTH shall be only told. Some of the desi  Consultancies provide a way out for those who try hard to make it work within / out of the existing framework.

These companies help people get a job thinking that they give them a career, life and income to feed their families. But, at what cost is the real question. Some of these companies long back stopped playing by the rules and got the ugly name like BODY SHOPPERS. There’s moral and ethical issue involved here.  Still, desperation makes people  taking the risk and get involved with some of the bad companies. 

We shall not forget " When in Rome, do as the Romans do". We shall obey the law and follow and respect the rules with out any exceptions even if it means hardship.

Pl. write reviews on Indian Desi consulting companies to educate others. 


DATALYSYS is a global IT consulting firm focused on co-innovating domain intensive, technology solutions specializing in Real-Time Enterprise Applications.

14526 Old Katy Rd

Suite 104

Houston, Texas 77079
United States

BBB A+ Accredited IT Outsourcing, Consulting, Support and Managed IT Services company in Dallas since 2002. We offer the best IT Services for small and medium business.

Best Service
4145 Beltline Rd.


Addison, Texas 75001
United States

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