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Hyderabadi cuisine (Hyderabadi Ghizaayat) also known as Deccani cuisine of India, had become a princely legacy of the Nizams of Hyderabad State.

It is an amalgamation of Mughlai, Turkish and Arabic along with the influence of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. Hyderabadi cuisine comprises a broad repertoire of rice, wheat and meat dishes and the skilled use of various spices, herbs and natural edibles.

The cuisine emphasizes the use of ingredients that are carefully chosen and cooked to the right degree and time. Utmost attention is given to picking the right kind of spices, meat, and rice. Therefore, an addition of a certain herb, spice, condiment, or a combination of these adds a distinct taste and aroma.

Traditional utensils made of copper, brass, and earthen pots are used for cooking. All types of cooking involve the direct use of fire. There is a saying in Hyderabad, cooking patiently (ithmenaan se) is the key; slow-cooking is the hallmark of Hyderabadi.

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Indian Desi Restaurant Inspection Watch
Biryani Pot @ Hilltop gets B after reinspection

This Indian Desi restaurant scored the following ratings in Texas Food Establishment Rules inspection 07-15-2015 B 07-13-2015 F Any restaurant that scores a C or D receives a follow-up inspection to ensure that critical violations are corrected. The original score remains the same in that circumstance. Any restaurant that scores a F receives a mandatory re-inspection which will result in a new score being issued.

October 2015

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