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Assalamu Alai Kum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa barakatahu,My dear brothers and sisters in Islam I hope and pray this letter reaches you all in the best of health and Islamic spirits. It will be four years this August when the doors of new IAC Masjid was open for regular prayers and other Islamic activities. It took us eight long years for this dream to become a reality. We started with a very modest and humble beginning with a small Mussalla on Hwy I-35 in 1991 with just one room with very few Muslims offering Jummah Salat.  We thank Allah (swt) for blessing us today with this huge and beautiful facility. IAC currently offers the following services daily five time prayers, Jumah prayer attended by over 700 people, weekend & evening school attended by over 100 students, Taraveeh prayers, Iftaars and dinners in Ramadan, Eid prayers, Weekly Halqa Islamic library, Youth groups, Dawah services, Nikah (marriage) & marital counseling services, funeral refugee services and guest lectures from time to time.  Alhamdulillah& Imam Sheik Sayid Ahmed Abdullahi who has been with us as a full time resident Imam for past five years. We are so blessed to have such a knowledgeable and humble Imam serving our community. In November of 2005 the constitution of the Masjid was revised and was approved by the general body and since then elections were conducted on a regular basis. We wholeheartedly thank and express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who served the board in the past and also all those who volunteer their time for the organization. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors, supporters and community members for their help and encouragement and look forward for their continuous support. Allah (swt) has blessed us with this facility so I very humbly encourage you all to attend the daily congregational prayers and be active & contributing members of our community. We welcome your valuable feed back, advice and input so that we can improve and increase our services and serve the community in the best possible way. After accomplishing this dream of building the house of Allah we carry a very strong desire to establish a community center which would cater the needs of hundreds of families that live in the City of Carrollton. Your financial support and donations is the backbone of our organization. All your generous contributions are tax-deductible. I once again ask for your full support co-operation.


1901 Kelly Blvd
Carrollton, Texas 75007
United States


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