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Welcome to Kalachandji's, Dallas' longest serving vegetarian restaurant. For 32 years we have been providing DFW diners with a taste of India's vast and ancient vegetarian tradition. We practice the timeless Ayurvedic art of cooking for the body, mind and spirit, and all our dishes are prepared with the best ingredients available.

Thus our mission at Kalachandji’s is to provide vegetarian cuisine that delights the palate, promotes good health, makes the mind peaceful and elevates the consciousness. Although our tradition is lacto-vegetarian, we are committed to serving the vegan community and clearly indicate the items on our menu that contain dairy products. Our Ingredients Everything we prepare is made with the best ingredients available, as an offering of love (the most important ingredient!) to Kalachandji.

We strictly refrain from using meat, fish, eggs, onion or garlic. We use only the freshest produce – no frozen or canned vegetables are allowed in our kitchen. We use expeller pressed coconut oil exclusively in our cooking, our salad dressings are made with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and we use only turbinado sugar in our desserts and tamarind tea.

Everything is strictly vegan except those items that are indicated on our daily menu to contain dairy, and items containing wheat are also designated. We encourage our customers with any other concerns about ingredients to inquire from our staff, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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Very interesting place. It is located inside a temple, so the environment is definitely very unique.

Food is served cafeteria style, where you go up to the food line and just pick and choose whatever you want for your meal. All of the dishes here are vegetarian, which is perfect for some but may be lacking for the meat lovers. Regardless, they offer enough to satiate those with the deepest stomachs.

Since it's a buffet style, I would recommend grabbing/trying everything a little bit. I liked the curry style/tofu, and the meatball substitute looking things, which contained really nice smelling/tasting condiments/herbs. But again, I would just say try everything out.

The place where you eat is really cool. It's like an open, outdoor ish area, with a huge tree in the middle of the courtyard. You sit around that big tree in booths or small tables. I would say it is very peaceful and serene. Good conversation place!

04/28/2015 - 01:01 am


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