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Irving Chiropractor also serving the greater metoplex since the summer of 1999, Dr. Black’s unique approach to health and wellness has earned him a solid reputation for delivering exceptional care with compassion and the state of the art facility. It’s Dr. Black’s passion, experience, and lifetime student approach that brings people to our office from all over Dallas, in fact Dr. Jason Black has cared for people from over 60 counties around the world! It is common that people fly to Irving just to get evaluated by Dr. Black. Dr. Jason C. Black is the Chiropractor to see in Irving and DFW when you are looking for results!We care for newborns to the elderly with gentle and precise Chiropractic Care! The people we serve have typically suffered for months or even years, people who have tried and done “everything” to get well and failed, people who have given up after a multitude of tests and doctors prescribing pills that don’t address the deeper problems.

Our patients tend to want a natural approach that actually works to address the root issues and most desire to protect their health moving forward with wellness care, allowing them to live the high quality of life they desire! Our patients tend to be open minded and ready to try a functional approach and desire to avoid drugs and surgeries. Our most successful patients are committed to getting results as such they enjoy learning about how their body works, lifestyle changes, and prevention of future health problems.


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I've been to several Chiropractors in the area and none of them had the approach that DR. Black did. Not only did he help with My Aching back, he helped get me get on a much better track with my diet and overall health. The Aching back was a symptom of not taking care of my diet and as I've gradually improved in that area, so has my back! The office and the staff are also very friendly and I actually look forward to the visits.

05/15/2015 - 12:44 am


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