Norton Rosenthal


I am A-V rated attorney with a wide-ranging general civil  practice with litigation experience over the past eighteen years, a broad client base, and strong commitment to my clients and the law.  My law practice focuses on business and consumer law and litigation.    I have a heart--- I care about my clients deeply--- but, at the same time, I am a zealous and adamant advocate of my clients' legal positions in court and out of court, at trial and before trial during trial preparation.

Litigation can be costly and stressful and can carry a high emotional cost. The courthouse can be  unpredictable; indeed, the courthouse necessarily leaves decisions that are extremely important to you (and me) in the hands of people who are strangers to you: judges and their assistants, and juries selected from randomly-chosen members of the public. 

Therefore, as part of my practice, I work hard for you with preventive legal counseling and straightforward, comprehensive problem-solving. 

I am committed to the highest ethical and professional standards and the pursuit of excellence in my law practice.  My law practice is geared to the needs and interests of my clients.  The mission of my law practice is to deliver effectively and efficiently the legal skill, experience and resources ordinarily associated with large law firms, while maintaining the quality and accessibility of a small firm. The key to providing effective legal services promptly and at minimal cost is understanding each client's business, issues and goals. 

Maintaining open and responsive communications with each and every client is a cornerstone of my practice.  I return every telephone call and e-mail as promptly as possible.  "Every client deserves my utmost concern, my unwavering commitment to his situation, and my dedication to quality legal representation for his legal needs and goals."


1717 Main Street
Suite 5500
Dallas, Texas 75201
United States

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