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Our attorneys possess sterling academic credentials, experience, strong community ties, and a deep commitment to your success. They demonstrate the strictest personal and professional ethics. Above all, they are passionately committed to the needs of our clients. We utilize state-of the-art technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner. From the inception of our practice, the attorneys at Patel & Associates, PLLC., have shared the philosophy of keeping the client's interest paramount in every matter we handle. At each juncture, we strive to define the goals of our representation, develop a realistic budget for the performance of our work, and regularly communicate with our clients to develop the most effective and economical strategies. Our mission is simple: To obtain successful results for clients in litigation, immigration, family law, real estate ,business matters, and estate planning matters through diligence, efficiency and hard work. At our very core, we focus on each client's background, needs, and goals. That's where we start, with you and we never stray from the idea that your needs set our course! Attorneys at P&A are Mr. Mahesh Patel, Yogesh Nanji, Lili Li and Deepthi Raja

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Area of Practice Family Law Immigration Franchise Litigation Business Law Estate Planning / Probate Property Tax Reduction Mediation


301 S. Central Expressway
Richardson, Texas 75080
United States


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