Piano Expressions with Simply Music


Simply Music is a revolutionary Australian-developed piano and keyboard method for those who would like to learn how to play piano and how to read notes. This method is much faster than Traditional Piano Method. This breakthrough program has students of all ages playing great –sounding blues, contemporary, classical and accompaniment pieces –immediately – from their very first piano lessons. Results are guaranteed. Besides Simply Music program we also offering Play a Story program for younger kids (ages 4-6) who can learn basic theory and playing technique .

They also learn to play music by memory with two hands , middle C position, basic chords, arpeggio, basic scales and et cetera We proudly offer everything from beginner piano lessons to composition, improvisation, arrangement, classical music, blues, jazz, reading music, writing music, transposing music etc., and all this done through the lens of Simply Music’s unique, playing –based perspective.


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