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Indian Cafe gets D in Jun 2015 Inspection

This Indian Desi restaurant scored the following ratings in Texas Food Establishment Rules inspection 06-09-2015 D 10-14-2014 B+ Any restaurant that scores a C or D receives a follow-up inspection to ensure that critical violations are corrected. The original score remains the same in that circumstance. Any restaurant that scores a F receives a mandatory re-inspection which will result in a new score being issued.

October 2015

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I am always instantly attracted to a lunch special and so I knew I wanted the chicken biriyani for 6 bucks when I saw it on the board. For 2 bucks more I could have had the buffet. While limited, the items on the buffet seemed like the stuff that most people would get anyway. The a la carte items had prices but were marked out in sharpie and changed from the original pricing making it a little hard to read on some of them. I thought the prices were a little high for items that I could read. My biriyani was tasty and fresh, but too oily. I couldn't eat all of it not because I was full, but because the oil made it really heavy and my stomach is a little uneasy now. There was only two pieces of chicken with the rice and both pieces were 90% bone so I felt a little cheated. Should have stayed for the buffet. I did like how the rice had little pieces of raw jalapeƱos to give it a little heat. But overall, it was just a little too greasy for my liking.

April 2015

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