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At S. Noorani International Inc. we pride ourselves in providing service of supreme caliber. We are dedicated to helping you in your journey toward financial liberty. Our remittance services spread across 52 countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Canada, U.K & U.A.E. With over 100 000 locations world wide, covering remote areas as well, we are committed to providing a smooth and speedy transaction. S. Noorani International Inc.

has joined hands with Banks and Exchange companies across the globe. Our competitive rates challenge most, if not all, money transferring companies in the US. Furthermore, we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction through our secure and efficient mode of remitting funds. All our transactions are completed within 24hrs. Our Core Values: To make your life easy, we continuously enhance our knowledge in technology, market exchange rates and customer service. Your satisfaction is our benchmark for excellence. To achieve that excellence, we recruit the best talent and establish the right processes. Our mission is to stay ahead of personalized services and providing the best rates that can profit our customers and keep us united. Last but not the least we want to make sure our commitment is fulfilled and the trust that our customers have, always remain the same. Our key core values are customer service, integrity and commitment and we promise to fulfill that persistently. Our History: In 2000, the Director of Noorani money Transfer having 25 years of experience in leading banking, had the vision to start a business where money can be send abroad to love ones or for business purpose. Since then we are in business and have establish a recognized name in the industry.

Over the years, we have grown as one of the leading remittance company in the world. Our personalize service was appreciated by the community and now we have many locations all over in the world.


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Carrollton, Texas 75006
United States


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