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Yasmesoft is a Dallas based consulting firm with a mission to help organizations across the world effectively utilize Business Intelligence for their strategic advantage and operational efficiency.

Founded in 2007, we have a track record of working with Small and Medium Enterprises and understand their needs and constraints better than anyone else. Our consultants keep themselves up-to-date with the latest offerings in Business Intelligence and help our clients implement tailored solutions that cater to both their current requirements and can be scaled to meet their long term goals.

We believe that a well-planned Business Intelligence implementation can help firms reach their strategic and operational potential and we are passionate about helping firms in their BI endeavours.

Our team's experience with small and medium businesses have given us deep understanding on the needs, constraints, culture and workings of these organizations. We understand, in no small terms, the need for complete buy-in from all stakeholders in a firm in order for a good BI initiative to be implemented successfully.

We help you to:

  • Understand how and where BI can deliver maximum value for your business
  • Select the best products and industry solutions from those available in the market or develop customized applications
  • Implement user-friendly solutions that would remain relevant in the long run

Business Intelligence implementation is a strategic and capital-intensive endeavour for any organization. It is therefore important to have complete buy-in and trust from all the relevant stakeholders. It is equally important to choose the right technology, products and partners who are committed to ensuring the success of this endeavour. Our planned and phased approach to Business Intelligence initiatives ensures that original promises do not get lost in the process of project implementation


1212 Corporate Drive
Suite # 180
Irving, Texas 75038
United States

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